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asking for sellers of compatible laser cartridges

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hi. I would be grateful if a member knows of a seller of reliable compatible cartridges for laser printers as we are changing our providers. Many thanks.

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By lesley.barnes
12th May 2020 10:39

I use sellers on Amazon for my printer toners. They seem to ok, print quality and length of time they last as long as the Brother ones. Was a bit reluctant to try them incase they damaged the printer but they've been fine.

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Hallerud at Easter
12th May 2020 11:02

Have used Office Depot (Viking) compatibles with no problems re my Brother printers. (Two B & W DCPs and a colour MFC)

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By Cloudcounter
12th May 2020 11:11

We've used Stinky Ink for a long time. Don't know if they are the cheapest, but their customer service has always been top notch, including when some idiot (that would be me) ordered cartridges for the wrong printer.

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Replying to Cloudcounter:
By bernard michael
12th May 2020 13:43

Me also for Stinky Ink

Prices cheap service excellent

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By kiwilondon99
12th May 2020 14:09

Just had a real shock on inkjet HP originals up 45% since last purchase... will b e moving to 'compatibles' at half original cost from last year !! and they are an older HP range. All this before tariffs courtesy of brexit ?
off to [spend afternoon] googling suppliers of compatibles.....

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