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Assigning Product Invoice to Project in Sage 50

Assigning Product Invoice to Project

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Could you please help me.

We need to start assigning Product Invoices to Projects in Sage 50 to be able to control the costs/analyse projects. I've googled it and found that it is adviced to use Product code S3 - Special Service Item - to be able to assign invoice to project. 

The problem is that we don't want to choose S3 for each invoice item. 

We add in Sage Product module all our products and also services. Therefore when we create sales invoices we want to use the product codes from the list, do don't want to choose S3. But when we choose any product from the list then there is no option to assign it to a Project.

I would highly appreciate your help.


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By johndon68
12th Jul 2016 08:56

You can't assign a project to a product line on an invoice as Sage makes the assumption that the product will have been assigned to the project in the projects module.

The only thing approaching a workaround (other than using S3 as you have already mentioned) is, once the invoice has been updated to the ledgers, go to Error Corrections and set the project on the Audit Trail transaction but, clearly, this has no impact on the original invoice.


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