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Associate Dentist Accounts & Superannuation

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Hi All,

I have been approached by an Associate Dentist who has asked me to prepare their Accounts & Tax Returns

They have provided me with Spreadsheets from the Practice which they operate From.

The Spreadsheet Details out NHS Income & Private Income along with Details of Labs Fees, Hyg Fees, License Fee, Stat Levy and Superannuation on a Monthly Basis,

Am i Correct in the following;

-Income Per the Accounts will be Gross Income Before Deducting Licence Fees/Superann etc?

In Particular I need Guidance Re Superannuiton

-Am I Correct n saying that the "Associates NHS Superann Conts" will not form part of the expenditure per the accounts but will rather form part of the Pension Contributions on the Tax Return and I Should Agree the figure per the Spreadsheets to that of the SD86C form which will be issued in July?

Any Guidance on how the Superannuation should be treated would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in Advance

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By andrew1211
19th Jun 2019 11:03

Superannuation goes as an expense in the accounts but is then added back in the business tax computation, and then claimed as a deduction on the personal tax return.

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