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Associate Dentist & Further Training

Associate Dentist & Further Training

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I am a qualified Self Employed Associate Dentist

I am about to undertake further courses in relation to "Braces" & "Dental Loupes" (magnifying glasses that dentists wear to enlarge everything that they see in the mouth).

I have done a lot of reading and I realised that additional training is a real grey in regards HMRC and that all training incurred must be "Wholly & Exclusively" for the purpose of trade.

Knowledge in regards " Braces" formed part of my orginal qualifactions so I believe I am merely enhancing my knowledge.

Is this likely to be challenged by HMRC. Could they argue the above courses could allow me to enter a new line of busines??

Thanks in advance

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By penelope pitstop
14th Aug 2020 13:00

CPD for same trade/profession - Allow against tax

Cost of dentist training to become podiatrist/lumberjack/beautician etc. etc.- disallow.

That's how I tend to view training costs.

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By Anonymous.
14th Aug 2020 17:33

I recall quite a detailed discussion on here about tax relief for training costs for a dentist.

I don't think it was quite as clear cut as PP suggests (if I remember correctly) but worth having a search of the site.

Tax relief for training was subject to a review recently:

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