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Associates and Corporation Tax

Associates and Corporation Tax

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Hi, this is probably a basic question but my mind has gone blank! If there is a parent company who has a subsidiary company, on the corporation tax return for the parent company it should state there is 1 associated company. But on the subsidiary's corporation tax return, should it also say 1 associated company or none? Thanks

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By Duggimon
17th Feb 2016 16:40

It should say 1

It works both ways

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By Ruddles
17th Feb 2016 16:49


If the parent is inactive (as defined) then it will have 1 associate, being the subsidiary (though, by definition, it doesn't matter one little bit) but the subsidiary will have 0 associates.

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By Christina_2014
17th Feb 2016 16:58

Both are active companies, therefore 1 associate on each. Thanks for the replies :)

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