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Association of International Accountants V Institute of Financial Accountants

Association of International Accountants V...

I have been a member of the IFA for a number of years and other than getting marketing spam from various approved sources don't see much "benefit" for my subs. However, i have been trundling a long till recently a few banks didin't accept accounts i had done as i wasn't on their list of "recognised bodies". It made me think that perhaps its time to change to the AIA although, i hadn't previously as all my clients are one man bands and most of their news letters i currently receive (im on their mailing list for some reason due to my enquiry) are irrelvant to me. The AIA is recogised as a supervisory body and with the appropriate cert, carry out audits.

Has any one else moved from the IFA or indeed any other accountancy body to the AIA or have knowledge of the AIA who could share their views?


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26th Feb 2013 11:05



Why not check out their AccountingWEB Suppliers page? Perhaps you'll be able to find information or contacts there. 

Best of luck!

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