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ATED service unavailable

Until when?

Didn't find your answer?

"Sorry, this service is unavailable

You will be able to use the service from 11:30pm on Saturday 11 May 2019."

Apparently for a few hours/days only.

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By Wanderer
15th May 2019 19:08

Can't be right:- says:

HMRC wrote:
Service availability
Full service available.
....Just like they tell us there are no issues with RTI, PAYE, VAT, CT, SA and, soon to come, of course, MTD.
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By Mr_awol
16th May 2019 16:27

Ive got clients who have been getting a 'please try again later' message for the last two years - and therefore have to keep filing by paper,

HMRC are aware, and don't give a [***]

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