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ATQs - what do you do?

I’m thinking of using Typeform ...

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I’ve never really sent out ATQ’s, by which I mean at previous firms reams of paper were printed & posted to each client, but at my firm the junior manually, individually, emails clients a list of info required that may or may not be relevant to them, about a week before I want to do their returns. 

I’m thinking of joining Typeform so that I can create a ‘fun’ questionnaire for them to complete, I know it won’t show comparatives, but it’s better than what we’re doing at the moment. 

Added advantage is that I’d also be able to use it as quick questionnaires for things like incorporations, VAT registrations, onboarding etc. 

I’d be interested in any experiences and views on this sort of data gathering ...



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By Stewie Griffin
28th Sep 2018 09:38

We've been using Wufoo forms for tax questionnaires, up until now.

Works well as, when a form is completed, it gets emailed to whoever you like in your firm. Nice an easy to save a PDF onto the clients file.

You can also get clients to attach documents you need and it has intelligent questioning so that the client only sees the questions they need (so if they answer no to something, the supplemental questions are hidden)

Not as sexy as Thypeform though :)

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Replying to Stewie Griffin:
By atleastisoundknowledgable...
28th Sep 2018 09:44

Stewie Griffin wrote:

p>Not as sexy as Thypeform though :)

About half the price though ...

You say "until now". Why - what's changing and why?


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By Stewie Griffin
28th Sep 2018 10:07

Nothing needs to change...I'm just always open to looking at new alternatives :)

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