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I am looking for an insight into the ATT qualification.

I would like to know how long on average would it take to complete Business Tax and Personal Tax? I have GLH from Tolleys at 180-200 hours each, does this sound about right? (I also have GLH for ethics and Law at 80-100 hours)

I am in a position where I can luckily enough get a good amount of studying each day and as the sittings are only twice a year I was considering doing CIMA on the side at the same time. (so during the months I don't need to study for ATT I will study CIMA).

Is this a silly idea? or should I focus solely on ATT and sit multiple in one go?

I cannot find a lot of information online about ATT that is up to date, any advice is appreciated

If you need any further information that can help please ask

Thank you 

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By Richard Grant
02nd Aug 2019 08:12

The whole ATT should take 18 months if you take your time. I've done one exam per sitting but then again I'm only doing a few hours study per week. If it's your first accounting exam experience then it will take the time Tolleys say.
CIMA will take longer so if ATT is your priority then try to find subjects that match each other. ie both bodies will have Ethics and Law so knock those out together.
The other thing to look at is doing the CIOT exams straight after the ATT, it's the same subjects but slightly more depth and gives you a good specialisation.
Finally do you want to be in practice or industry?

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Replying to Richard Grant:
03rd Aug 2019 21:55

Hi Richard,

Thank you for replying.
I just finished the AAT qualification, I have accounting experience but not too much taxation. (I would be exempt from CIMA cert BA - should have said that before, sorry)
I have applied for the ATT-CTA pathway, so I will be doing CIOT exams after ATT.
I was looking at doing one exam per sitting and then taking CIMA exams in between the ATT/CIOT sittings.
I would like to end up in practice.

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05th Aug 2019 13:23


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By eckbookkeeping
09th Aug 2019 14:46

I am almost finished my ATT ( only the law cba to do), it is best to focus on one exam at a time, however the ethics and law should not be ignored as they can be quite challenging.

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By Constantly Confused
09th Aug 2019 15:30

I did my ATT about a decade ago, but the approach I have always adopted for all my professional exams (ACCA ATT and CTA) is a minimum of 100 hours study per paper, plus any tuition. That's always got me comfortable passes.

I have no idea what GLH means btw... something something hours I'm guessing.

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