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ATT subject

ATT subject

Hello I am currently studying ATT then hoping to progress to CTA. Is there any particular non-core subject that is more advantageous when going onto CTA? Thanks


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13th Jan 2012 12:28

This isn't going to help at all, but I recently passed the ATT exams, completing papers 1, 2, 3 and 7.  I chose paper 3 simply as it was was most relevant from a job perspective and also the paper (out of the the others) that I knew more about, had most to do with etc.

I hadnt really thought about paper choice having an impact on CTA, rather chossing the paper that I had most chance of passing based on the work i enjoyed and have been involved in.

I too had thought about going on and doing the CTA exams but now I am not so sure!!

Best of luck with the studying and the exams


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13th Jan 2012 21:14

I can only echo the comments made by Craig.


The CTA exams are at a significantly higher level than ATT and you will need to put in a significant amount of study in order to pass them.


Therefore it is more important that you study those ATT exams which you enjoy or feel are more relevant to the work you are currently doing.

Best wishes


Zara Accountancy

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