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Attaching PDF files

Attaching PDF files

Ok, January done (more or less) and now moving on to the next problem.

We currently file tax returns (Taxcalc software) and P35s (IRIS/HMRC software)online and are now gearing up for the next phase (CT600 and VAT).

My question is this -

Looking into the future, we see the need to attach .pdf files to Revenue submissions, the most urgent one being Capital Gains computations in April.

We do not have the software to create .pdf files and I was wondering what software people use?

Do you use Acrobat, or one of the other ones to download of t'interweb.

The main criteria are:

easy to use
low cost (not going to be used THAT often).


Also, we will need to be able to save excel and word documents as .pdf files!

Any advice would be much appreciated.


Lisa Sheppard


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By Anonymous
07th Feb 2008 16:48

Check if it maintains hyperlinks
Most of the pdf creators I have tried do not maintain hyperlinks (email addresses and web site links).

Even my copy of Adobe doesn't.

Try CoolPDF. It's not free but the hyperlinks work.


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07th Feb 2008 15:35

pdf files
Whilst all the others work. If you pick up a cheap copy of Paperport. This too will convert into pdf as to other formats jpg etc.

What I like about it is that you can easily see whats in the folder and this makes attaching documents much easier because you can see exactly what you are attaching.

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By post131
07th Feb 2008 15:31

Free PDF
Lisa, try this site for a free download - works fine for me.


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07th Feb 2008 08:43

Agreeing with previous posts
I have used cute pdf writer for years, and we bought a Scansnap a year ago. Both are fantastic tools, and we wouldn't be without them.

One thing to note, which I have mentioned here before, is that when printing several worksheets to cute pdf, the print quality (see in page setup) of every page must be the same (eg all set to 600dpi), or else cute pdf will try to create e new pdf each time the print quality setting changes.

The Scansnap, although an A4 sized machine, will scan A3 pages. It comes with a special clear wallet to put them in, folded back on themselves. It scans both sides of the page at the same time, then stitches the two sides together to recreate the original A3. As the previous poster said, it comes bundled with the full version of Acrobat, so you can do whizzy things with your documents if you want to.

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06th Feb 2008 15:20

If your look into the future includes scanning
In case you're thinking of going paperless in the near future, then the Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner, which is a great little tool, comes with a full version of Adobe Acrobat bundled free.

Best money I've spent in a long time.

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06th Feb 2008 13:34

PDF and Acrobat Zone

Since you asked about Acrobat, I thought I would point you to the Adobe-sponsored PDF and Acrobat Zone on AccountingWEB.

Yes Acrobat Pro costs more than some of the alternatives, but one of the purposes of the zone was to educate people about the things that Acrobat can do aside from generating PDFs.

I've used Acrobat as part of my work for the site and occasionally find that documents submitted from other applications can arrive with formatting quirks, limited functionality or even lack of true PDF-compatibility.

TaxCalc seem to have addressed your concern on CT returns, but if the MS Office functionality is an important feature, you should at least consider Acrobat itself. If you poke around a few of the articles, you'll find that other members also put in recommendations for several of the alternatives.

Good luck with your next round of tax returns!
John Stokdyk
Technology editor

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04th Feb 2008 09:21

Thanks all
Thank you very much for all your comments.

Taxcalc, as commented, will create and attach the CGT comps for us (I know, I should have thought to ask them first!!), so our need will be greatly reduced.

However, I have installed CutePDF and been playing with that. Like it and think it will come in useful.

Thanks again for your help.

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03rd Feb 2008 19:57

Bill Gates has it cracked...
Hi Lisa
Do you know that Microsoft Office 2007 can output ANY document, spreadsheet etc as a pdf?

We do it routinely; its easy & works well

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01st Feb 2008 17:22

Lisa: CGT computations as PDFs
TaxCalc 2008 will automatically create and attach PDF computations for each CGT disposal, in the same way that it currently does so for CT600 computations, MRR calculations etc.

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01st Feb 2008 16:21

Open Office
is a very useful alternative to Microsoft Office and also exports selected data to PDF files. Plus, it's free to download and use though you can say thank you by making a donation:

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By Anonymous
01st Feb 2008 16:17

PDF free software
I use a pdf writer from broadgun software.
Page link is
You can download a free demo version, once loaded it sits amongst your printers ready to be selected when print is chosen, displays the document on screen , you can then save it as a pdf file ready to attach.
Free demo version has a small advert on bottom of each page, have used this for last year to attach files on CT filing, revenue site accepts them OK
To purchase licence it is also inexpensive.

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01st Feb 2008 14:58

Thank you very much
Have had a bit of a 'play' with CuteWriter and we likey!

Thanks for the suggestion.

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By Anonymous
01st Feb 2008 14:56

Deskpdf from Docudesk
I purchased a one-user license for this for about £10. Like the previous suggestion, it appears as a printer in print dialogue boxes. Couldn't be more simple to set up or use.

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By Anonymous
01st Feb 2008 14:36

We use a program called Cute pdf (just search in google) it acts like an extra printer saving the files to wherever you specify as a PDF.

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