ATT/CIOT email phishing issue

The official explanation doesn't sound right to me

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Just received an email to say that ATT/CIOT have investigated themselves and reckon that they weren't hacked and that, instead, someone scraped our email addresses from their website search function.

Is anyone else a bit sceptical of this?

- I have always ticked to hide my email address, and other details, as I don't want the general public to contact me.  Of course, I can't now check that it was (as they have pulled the search function) but the email I use for such matters doesn't receive other spam emails, as any email address that is on a website generally does (as spammers scrape them off the web).

- Someone putting in hundreds of search requests should show up on their site logs. 

Personally, I suspect they have been "hacked"/have been negligent with our data and have come up with a bit of a story in order to cover this up.  If organisations are going to demand our details, they need to take better care of them, in my humble opinion.

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By D V Fields
15th Jun 2024 11:13

It would be wrong of them to knowingly give incorrect information on such a sensitive topic. Alas it wouldn’t be the first nor last time it will be done.

Using “info@“ and contact forms on websites is a good way to limit risk.

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