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Attracting Clients

Attracting Clients

Hi All,

I'm looking for some help.

I have just started up in practice and currently have one client, but wonder if you know of any good (and cheap) methods for attracting new clients.

Ideally I would like to find small businesses of a reasonable size (if that makes sense - because medium sized business has a different meaning entirely).

Any suggestions would be very gratefully received.

Thank you in advance.



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06th Dec 2012 08:37

Practice start up guide

I would suggest you read that as well as search on attracting clients in Any Answers.

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By murphy1
06th Dec 2012 21:38

Hi David,

Sales letters with a follow up phone call, networking, speaking to as many people as possible. Business gateway events are also good to meet others, and I still have a fair numbers of clients from those early days.

Good luck!

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06th Dec 2012 21:44

Kent Accountant

He's done very well.

Maybe his approach is not for everyone though.

It's usually best to try anything you think that may work and you are comfortable with and see what's successful.

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to chatman
07th Dec 2012 09:51


petersaxton wrote:

He's done very well.

Maybe his approach is not for everyone though.


Please elucidate

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09th Dec 2012 22:50

Thanks Peter

very kind of you.

I've attracted new clients by:

1. Using social media - linkedin has been fantastic for me, twitter also very good.

2. Networking - selectively and with specific goals.

3. Reciprocal arrangement with other professional service providers - IFA's, banks etc.

4. Referrals (I ask for them and tell clients I am looking for more clients).

5. Commission structure for introducers (I think this is the point Peter is referring to when he says my approach may not be for everyone).


Using these methods I have picked up 58 new clients this year average fee just over £900.


There are loads of other methods and if you do a search on winning new clients on the forum you will pick up loads of good information.

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10th Dec 2012 09:53


@KentAccountant - Can you tell us more about when you approach a client for a referral? Mark Wickersham says ask new people who've just signed up. Is that what you do?

Do you offer clients anything off their fees for referrals?

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10th Dec 2012 10:02


I've always approached it in a relaxed manner, usually during conversation with a client I'll ask if they have any queries, any matters they need help with, that type of thing. At some point when they say something complimentary I'll say 'well it would be great if you know anyone who needs an accountant...'.

I have two or three clients who I get regular referrals from (four from one who I signed up in May).

So, keep clients happy, stay in touch with them regularly and look for the opportunity to ask.

I don't offer any incentives.

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10th Dec 2012 11:05

@Kent accountant

Would be interested to have more details regarding the way you have used 'linkedIn'

and how successful this has been for you.

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10th Dec 2012 11:46


Long term strategy really, good profile, join the right groups, post regular updates, contribute to discussion and look to connect with people who could be possible clients.

It works and costs nothing apart from time, which if you're just starting out you may have plenty of :)

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