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Australian Accountant

Australian Accountant

My client is a successful London based recruitment business. They have a small Sydney based subsidiary company  which consists of 1 employee, 2 or 3 sales invoices a month and about 10 purchase transactions each month. They are looking for a small Sydney based practtioner to look after all the book-keeping, payroll,accounts and tax/GST compliance with the occasional bit of simple tax advice. They currently use a slightly larger firm for these services which is charging about 12,000 AUD a year (about £8000). I'm not in tune with local rates but it does seem a shade excessive for such a tiny company. Can anyone recommend a smaller Sydney based firm who provide a good service but might be a little bit more cost effective? Many thanks. 


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27th Feb 2013 11:41


Sounds like a bargain, given that a pint of beer (real beer, not that Fosters stuff) typically costs more than $10. And have you seen the price of limes? Over $2 each

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27th Feb 2013 23:07

Try this if no recommendations

Xero has loads of firms registered on its Australian site, if you search in NSW for Bronze status and below you'll be looking at the smaller firms.

Maybe start here and work your way on.

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