Australian company claiming back VAT

Can an australian company claim back VAT on UK based Training through HMRC

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We are an Australian Company with 3 employees travelling to the UK to attend a 2 day Training course , We have been issued an quote from the provider (UK based company)  which includes VAT (which is correct as the training is in the UK) however is there a way to claim that VAT back as an Australian company through the HMRC ? I had a look online and found "Refunds of UK VAT for non-UK businesses (VAT Notice 723A)" so I submitted an enquiry but did not get a reply - just wondered if anyone had any experience with this?

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By Jason Croke
22nd Feb 2024 10:19

The "online" version is experimental. if you've emailed the Newcastle address and not getting a reply then it could mean they're not taking on anymore applicants or more likely, just not bothering to answer your emails as its easier to ignore you than engage with you.

You can make a postal submission, so it might be easier to do it that way, send your documents recorde delivery, etc, it's a little oldskool but will get the job done.

Same Notice/link above has details on the postal method.

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By FactChecker
22nd Feb 2024 12:43

Mind you, although the amounts aren't indicated, "3 employees x a 2 day Training course" would have to be *very* expensive for the VAT component to be worth all that effort with HMRC ... at least IMHO.
Might sound harsh, but company was happy to pay for travel to/from Australia (and presumably accommodation/meals), so materiality enters (my) equation.

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Replying to Jason Croke:
By Lpilly1969
23rd Feb 2024 01:09

Thanks Jason

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