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Are company accounts available on public record

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I am trying to locate  accounts for an Australian company.   Their equivalent of Companies House appears to be ASIC which holds company secretarial information - however I'm unable to locate any accounts.   Are accounts not a matter of public record in Australia?

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By Hugo Fair
09th Aug 2022 22:16

A quick go on Google shows that you started in the right place ... and then gave up too soon!

"Where can I find financial reports?
Large proprietary companies, public companies, disclosing entities and registered investment schemes must provide ASIC with their financial reports within four (4) months after the end of their financial year (three (3) months for a disclosing entity or registered scheme). You can check whether an entity has lodged a financial report by searching on Organisations & Business Names at ASIC Connect. You can search for information on ASIC's registers using an approved ASIC information broker."

So it's not free ... but you can start at

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By David_Lewis
10th Aug 2022 15:36

Thanks for the reply and links that's useful to know.

So it looks like the vast majority of companies don't need to file accounts

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