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Authority to file RTI

Authority to file RTI - do we need one?

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I have picked up a new PSC client in March this year. His Ltd Co was incorporated in Scotland by the previous accountant in early March 2018 and once this has been done the client walked away from the accountant, e.g. he has meet the accountant once during the initial meeting when he agreed to incorporate, but have not signed the engagement letter, nor even agreed to any other services etc.

We have registered the Co for PAYE and have been submitting FPSs for director's salary. Untill HMRC advised us that there are actually 2 PAYE schemes in place for thsi Ltd Co and both are paying director salary - apparently the previous accountant has also registered PAYE scheme and have been submitting FPS submissions for the last 6 months despite the fact that the client has never engaged him for these services, nor had any communication with him since early April.

Cutting the long story short, the accountant is reluctant to correct their FPS submissions and claims that they do not require client's authority or signed EL to file RTI submissions. I find this strange as we usually either obtain client's approval to file FPS or have this incorporated in the EL for a standard directors' payroll. 

We are looking to propose to correct the FPS submissions (we have the other PAYE scheme details) and advise client to recoup our fee costs from the other accountants. They are also reluctant to provide details of their company's complaints procedure, PI insurance and membership of a professional body (if any).

 How would you deal with such situation?


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By Tim Vane
28th Sep 2018 08:46

I would stay well away and let the client sort it out.

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Replying to Tim Vane:
By free-rider
28th Sep 2018 09:12

Tim Vane wrote:

I would stay well away and let the client sort it out.

Thank you for the advice. Initially, I thought the same but as the previous accountant is reluctant to correct unauthorised RTI submissions, then the client will start incurring late RTI fines from 19 Oct (I am aware that these are easily appealed etc. so no financial loss is expected) and PAYE letters will inevitably end up with myself to sort out.

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