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Auto Enrolment charges to clients

What do others bill for Auto Enrolment

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I've been asked to set up and look after a few auto enrolment schemes for my clients. Don't worry, I've not given financial advice - the clients have just asked to use Nest as it's the cheapest.

What do others on here charge for doing this work? In terms of set up I wasn't really going to look to charge a lot if there was a one man band company who didn't want a scheme whereas if someone was 1-9 employees then I was looking at perhaps a £150 - £200 fee with perhaps then a higher fee of £250 - £300 if there were 10-20 employees for example.

In terms of running the scheme and entering the contributions I wasn't too sure with this. I have my first client with a couple of employees who qualify and thought an annual fee of around £200 would be ok but don't want to undersell myself.

We are from West Wales so I don't expect to compare perhaps to London based accountants so if you could give me a rough idea of location when detailing your costs perhaps this would help me to gauge it.

Thanks in advance for any help provided.


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By Alex_T
23rd Aug 2016 11:03

There are quite a few threads and blogs on this subject which you may find helpful..

BrightPay often run webinars on this subject. I attended a webinar which included a presentation by Steve Pipes that I found very helpful.

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Karen Bennett
By Karen Bennett
23rd Aug 2016 16:53

We wrote this guide on AE pricing. Might give you a starting point. Few examples in there -

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By marky74
23rd Aug 2016 20:52

Depends what your doing for them. Are you setting up the scheme on NEST for them? Are you processing the employee letters and assessing the staff? Or are you simply processing the payroll & uploading conts?
Personally, I charge a small nominal set up fee and then a monthly fee based on 0-5 employees, 6-10, 10-20 etc etc.
I dont think theres ever been a lot of profit in payroll, but I thought auto-enrolment would have given us a bit of a surge in clients which we could have capitalised on, but up to now for me nothing much has changed.
I always try to keep my payroll costs quite low as it keeps the bank topped up each month (I charge yearly fees for tax/accounts)

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