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We have been using Autoentry for several years now, orginally moving from Receipt Bank approx 5 years ago, however have been experiencing many issues recently including issues with the Xero integration, new contacts not able to be set up, issues with VAT codes on line items, etc. We have given them the benefit of the doubt for several months now but feel this seems like a terminal decline for them and looking at alternative. We have approx 50 clients using AE (mainly for just purchase invoices but occasionally for bank statements) with about 75% of these being clients who upload the invoices themselves.

Is this a common issue amongst everyone and have others vnavigated away from AE? If so, other than Dext, who to? How have clients found the change too? TBH if we uploaded the invoices for the clients ourselves we would switch in a heartbeat, however do not want to inconvenience client too much for something which, from their point of view, seems to work fine.

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By Bilal trainee accountant
04th Sep 2022 09:53

Hi there
We use auto entry at the firm I work for and it seems to work well. We use it with Sage though.

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By Bilal trainee accountant
04th Sep 2022 09:55

I didn’t know you could use it for bank statements as well

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James Mills accountant
By busjmil2
13th Oct 2022 10:21

We're in a similar boat, where the downtime or the issues with it being buggy are getting to the point where benefit of the doubt has to go.

I had looked at Hubdoc and just looked very basic. Plus the fact that it came out during Covid we were too inundated to test and when they called possibly earlier this year (maybe last year), saying there's a great new feature that it now detects duplicates, was glad we never went down that road.

Dext again seems too pricey to justify for volume of some of our clients.

Any other solutions that people have found/considered?

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