Autoentry - Has it gone downhill?

Has Dext left it behind?

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Dext pricing for our size firm is steering into the silly territory, so we are considering Autoentry as their pricing model better suits our needs. A lot of recent reviews have made me nervous though as it appears Autoentry's services have been getting worse since they've been taken over by Sage, particularly Xero integration (the cynic in me suspects that could be by design!). 

Does anyone on here currently use Autoentry or have any recent experience with it?


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27th Jun 2022 14:43

We use Dext, have done so for 2 years now. While we haven't used Auto Entry I feel it is worth noting that we do consider Dext to be very good value for money.

There are 4 of us in our practice, two of us owners. At first we were unsure whether or not to make the financial commitment given the small size of our practice but it has been worth it. We don't subscribe to every feature but use the Optimise ones.

With MTD for ITSA lurking I feel as though Dext and Xero are the way to go though we do have a few clients remaining on Sage, for now anyway.

As for your comment re the interaction with Xero, yes it does make you think!

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