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Automated calls from HMRC

We've just had a voicemail left on the office number (all the lines in were engaged) saying this was a message for the customer/agent/authorised representative of reference number **********.  Please call HMRC back on 0300 *** ****.

Never come across this kind of automted call in before and, frankly, if a human can't be bothered to ring can I really be bothered to call  them back.  Has anyone else come across this before?  Have they finally given redundancy noties to all staff and brought in AI?


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14th Nov 2018 12:34

From what you've said it sounds like a possible bogus call...

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14th Nov 2018 21:00

I've had voicemail messages left by humans from HMRC before, but decided not to call back, as they'd never have agreed to go through my security procedures. So an automated one sounds possible.

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15th Nov 2018 08:07

Genuine or not, given the appalling wait times and horrible robot experience on HMRC lines, I would never call back regardless.

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15th Nov 2018 08:35

I'd return a call about an ongoing case but not a call out of the blue even if it was from a human. If it's important they'll call back.

Is the reference known to you ? Are you sure it was a robot call ? Seems weird to me.

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By mbee1
15th Nov 2018 08:41

Definately a robot. I actually can't be bothered to check the number that sounded like a UTR. Like you say, they'll call back. I've more important things to do!

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to mbee1
15th Nov 2018 08:55

If they do, and chastise you for not returning their call, tell them you didn't think HMRC standards had dropped quite so far and therefore assumed it was some sort of phishing call.

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15th Nov 2018 09:18

I never return HMRC calls as a matter of policy.

As said below, if it is an ongoing case and I am speaking with the relevant inspector, fair enough.

But I do not get paid to take calls which ask me to contact the client about outstanding tax. My job is to calculate the tax due, not ensure they pay it.

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