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Availability of HMRC API data, e.g PAYE details

How can I find out if API data is available?

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Is there any way to find out if the HMRC API data is available for interrogation by software applications? 

Nothing is coming through for PAYE data in a new application and I don't know if this is because the API data has not been made available by HMRC yet, or if there is an application/IT issue that is blocking it (there is no error message displayed in the application).

Does anyone have any experience of this? 

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By psimonparsons
10th Aug 2020 21:04

Generally PAYE data has not been made available via API. There were some plans to look at some interactions, however, other more pressing HMRC projects have diverted attention away.

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By Paul D Utherone
13th Aug 2020 13:07

I have been starting to see details come through recently for some clients. HMRC would say that it is still too early as their annual reconciliations are not finally complete until October.

As a first step, maybe try resetting the HMRC API authority in your software to see if that makes any difference, then check a previous year to see if anything is being returned there. Otherwise you will still be stuck proving conclusively one way or another unless you have seen data show up on another client and can test the link with that client.

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Replying to Paul D Utherone:
By hdave42
14th Aug 2020 10:41

Thanks for the reply.

This is the first year we are using the API functionality in our software. We've been advised by the vendor that prior year data may not be available via the API where the return has been submitted.

Does prior year data still appear via the API link in your software after the return has been submitted?

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