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AVALARA add in for MTD disappears in excel file.

AVALARA MTD add in disappears when closing excel file.

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I registered with Avalara for using their MTD add in filer for future VAT Returns. Received an email from them and a pdf file for instrutions. It did not add in automatically but eventually was able to add the add in through using options and add in for the excel file. I registered my company and logged in HMRC and authorised on the HMRC portal Avalara for filing for MTD. The Avalara was on the menu of the excel file, however when I closed the excel file and opended it, the Avalara add in disappeared. I went through the same procedure and had to register and authroise HMRC again, but again the Avalara add in disappears.

Has anyone used the Avalara MTD filer or had the same problems I am having and can help.


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By vtsoftware
25th May 2019 15:16

Behind the scenes all MTD applications get a unique authorisation code from HMRC when you grant authority to the app. Also behind the scenes this code has frequently to be renewed. Codes cannot be used out of sequence. My guess is that most Excel based apps will store these codes in a hidden part of the workbook (VT does). Therefore it is essential to save your workbook whenever you are prompted to do so or you will have to grant authority to the app repeatedly. I hope this helps. I'm just guessing that it applies in your situation. It would be good to hear if this resolves your problem.

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Replying to vtsoftware:
By johnhemming
25th May 2019 17:15

This sounds more like something to do with excel add-ins than MTD per se. Not an area of expertise for me, however.

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