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Average exchange rates for year ended 31 March 2000

Average exchange rates for year ended 31 March...

Where can I find the average exchange rates for the year ended 31 March 2000 (in particular I need the pound to dollar rate)bearing in mind this data does not appear to have been published by the tax information web sites?
I could calculate by adding the month end rates and dividing by 12 but too laborious.

paul james booth


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By gbms
18th Jun 2000 18:44

Rates now published
The average exchange rates for 1999/2000 have now been published.

See here for details.

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17th Apr 2000 21:59

Re exchange rates
Go to Go to Historical Table.
Select a start and end date (ie your year to 31 Mar 2000). Put on your two currencies that you want to convert. Click on "get table", and hey presto, at the bottom of the table you are given, amongst other things, the average for the period!
Hope it's not too laborious!

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18th Apr 2000 08:25

FX Rates
You can find the average rates at the Bank of Ireland web site, using the trendspotter software and update which is downloadable from their site, giving conversions at average and changes for many currencies.

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