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AVN, Boot Camp, RAS, marketing

AVN, Boot Camp, RAS, marketing

This is a re-post from a thread that is about to be deleted. It's not a particularly valuable post but I just felt a little fed up that I had gone to the trouble to post and then find it gets deleted.

"That reminds me, years ago when Boot Camp/RAS was all the rage, myself and a practitioner colleague of mine listened to their promotional tape while on a car journey. How to sell "added-value" services.  A little while later, my colleague was at his dentist who proceeded to "sell" him on the proposition of having a complete revamp of his teeth costing several £000s. We both surmised that the dentist must have been on the dental equivalent of Boot Camp."

I would add that I am not agin spending large amounts on marketing. I have a full-time practice now only because I spent several thousands each year on telemarketing.


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By Flash Gordon
02nd Mar 2011 15:57


You obviously found telemarketing successful? Did you use an external firm or carry it out in-house? And if in-house did you purchase mailing lists or something? I'm thinking about mailing lists myself but for email rather than phone calls. I'd rather visit a boot camp dentist than start cold-calling (or any other sort of calling for that matter) :)


(NB edited to remove first paragraph as no longer applicable)

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02nd Mar 2011 17:22

Telemarketing worked

Yes, TM was successful. To build up my practice quickly I concluded that for me there were only two options: (a) telemarketing; or (b) purchase a block of fees. TM gave more control over fees build up and I could see what I was getting with each new client. Also the expenses were fully deductible as a sole trader.

Essentially I sub-contracted all the TM work. My involvement was to send a letter confirming the appointment and then turn up and meet the prospect, "sell" myself softly softly, follow up with a written quote and a phone call 7 days later.  The TM outfit sourced the database based on my stated criteria of turnover and geographical area. Usually the database would be passed to me first to weed out any exisiting clients or industry classifications that I did not want to take on. The TM people did all the cold phone calling.

I'm not sure emailing is sufficient to take a prospect to "warm" or even "lukewarm".

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03rd Mar 2011 07:58

My experience

Telemarketing worked for me while it lasted. For some reason the firm who did my telemarketing did not want me anymore. They made some excuse about lack of staff but carried on advertising.

Potentail clients are getting fed up with calls as more and more accountants are using telemarketing. The success I  gather is not as good as it used to be. Having said that I still found it to be a worthwhile investments.

Any recommendations on firms who will take me on. Please exclude Jast and Chartered Development. I do not want to go into the reasons for this.

I am finding my website generates a steady number of queries. Conversion I would say is 1 to 4. The "nos" are because of the fees in the  main. 

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03rd Mar 2011 10:21

Telemarketing companies

First Tab,

I have used:

a) Accountax (

b) Calls Work (can't find them on the web anymore)

c) Marketplace (

They each have different charging structures.

I generally got surprisingly good feedback from prospects about the phone manner of these companies' staff.

I ended up with Marketplace and they were my personal favourite. I paid by the hour and was in more control. With Accountax you pay as a % of the fee signed up which sounds good in theory - no win, no fee - but means that there is pressure on you to sign up anything that breathes.

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03rd Mar 2011 11:53

Thanks Red Leader. I liked Market Place. For some reason they just parted company with me. I do not know why. I have tried contacting them several times. I was told they were too busy to take me on!

I do not remember telling them anything I got my appts and off I went.

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28th Dec 2012 10:38

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