Avoiding Irish Customs Charges/duties for consumer

UK company, supplier based in Denmark, willing to send stock direct to Ireland.

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Since Brexit, our UK-based company has encountered challenges when shipping online orders to the Republic of Ireland, resulting in high customs charges and duties for our end consumer. Our supplier operates from Denmark, prompting us to consider a solution where orders are placed through our UK website but fulfilled directly from Denmark to customers in Ireland, staying within the EU and avoiding these charges.

As the order is being invoiced from a UK company/website, will we still face issues?

Any help would be much appreciated.



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By David Ex
18th Apr 2024 18:14

You need an accountant.


Other professional bodies are available.


“If you intend to plan a course of action based on what you read in here, you should instead be taking professional advice.”

“They are not here to provide free accounting advice.”

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By Jason Croke
18th Apr 2024 18:28

You'll need an Accountant, preferably in Ireland (or Denmark).

You'll need tailored advice to your situation, if it is costing your business money and losing you customers, then seeking professional advice surely must be an investment, not a wasted cost.

Your post doesn't detail what you sell, is it organic like plants or alcohol, you don't explain why import duty is being incurred in Ireland or why your customer has high customs charges or indeed whether your customer is a business or a consumer., its not clear who the importer is.....but it amplifies the point that the answer is depending upon the details of the situation, so speak to your accountant as a first port of call.

Also worth reading the Brace for Brexit articles on AccountingWeb, my article here on cross border transactions post Brexit in link below.

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