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AW - needing to log in a lot

Am I the only one needing to log in to AW almost every day?

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Is anyone else having issues with AW logins at the moment? I'm suddenly finding I get logged out almost every day, having previously stayed logged in for many months at a time. It's happening on two computers, my office one and my own, so I don't think it's anything I'm doing.

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By bernard michael
09th Aug 2019 14:40

I have no problem

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By Tom Herbert
09th Aug 2019 15:20

Sorry to hear that neiltonks. Will pass this on to the relevant people and see if there's an issue.

In anticipation of these questions from our team, which browser(s) are you using? And are you clearing cache/cookies on a regular basis?

All the best,


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Replying to TomHerbert:
By neiltonks
09th Aug 2019 15:35

Firefox (latest version) on both computers. My own machine I tidy cookies on occasionally, though any I can identify as being from SIFT are protected. My work machine, though, isn't tidied in this way at all and suffers from the same problem.

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By rockallj
03rd Sep 2019 23:07

Yeah, I have this problem too

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