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AWeb lying about the number of responses

Can't count anymore.

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Example, the front page story "MTD: The coming VAT challenge" invites me to view all 107 replies. There are 10.


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By tom123
20th Aug 2018 15:42

I think the site has gone a bit screwy. There was a comment with 7900 responses on MTD for VAT earlier.

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20th Aug 2018 15:52

Yep, just saw the one on TPR fining a lying accountant says:-
“View all 15 2 1 14 replies”

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20th Aug 2018 16:02

Having read all 6,532,487 responses to the OP, I can safely say that I don't agree with any of them.

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20th Aug 2018 16:18

Thanks SteLacca. We released an update this morning. This must be a crafty bug that snuck in during that. Our tech guys are taking a look as we speak.

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By Alex_T
21st Aug 2018 10:57

Well spotted SteLacca!

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