AWeb - still issues with background ads ...

AWeb - still issues with background ads ...

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It is ok having the background ad as the screen perimeter where the colour is green and everyone know what happens if they click here - however, there is a nasty little wrinkle that means that if you click on the 'white space' in the body of the form you are still taken to the ad - not good!

Take a page such as
position your mouse over the 'white space' on the right hand side of the page under 'Download library'. As you can see the mouse pointer turns to a 'finger' when it should simply remain a pointer - and if you click on this 'white space' it then brings up the Sage advertisement

Disappointing and not transparent screen handling!

May gain a lot of click throughs but only by users inadvertently clicking on the 'white space' rather than actively wanting to see the ad - hope Sage arn't paying per click

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By BigBadWolf
17th Apr 2011 02:54

These intrusive ads are very annoying. I wish we didn't have to put up with them.

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By Richard Willis
17th Apr 2011 16:05

Here Hear!

I have just seen the Sage add THREE times just trying to answer this!  If I as much as touch the track pad in any blank space up it comes.  It wouldn't be so bad if it was just the borders but this is getting rediculous!

I am thinking of disallowing Sage in my firewall.

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By LeighStallard
18th Apr 2011 15:39

Possible solution

Step 1 - get Google Chrome web browser

Step 2 - get Chrome adblocker (and consider donating to the developer)

Mozilla Firefox offers an alternative I believe, but I'm not a Firefox user.


I do think we should consider though that AW does add value and deserves to be rewarded for its content, which doesn't write or host its self.

Ads, though undesirable, are in my view preferable to a paid subscription.  

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