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Backdated salaries will be paid if payroll run alr

How we additionally pay employees for March when payroll for March is already run?

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I would like to ask something in regards furlough payments.

As we all know the scheme will be used backdated 1st of March.

If an employee was paid less for month of March (say £300) than the average 80% of the last tree months (Dec £1000, Jan £1000, Feb £1000, say average 80% £800, shall employer pay additional £500 for the month of March even though is already paid?

And now I read that “ Following the initial backdated claims, claims can be made no more than 14 days before payrolls are run but will be accepted for the different pay periods”. 
What is that really mean, and what means that they will be accepted for different periods?

Thank you.

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15th Apr 2020 10:10

Whether it is right or wrong I have added mine onto April. One does that normally if someone has been paid an incorrect amount in the preceding month.. I always look "big time". Those forms with hundresds of employees cant be faffing around re writing payrolls. In fact they never do.

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Replying to NYB:
By ikonomcheto
15th Apr 2020 11:47

So I can put the difference in the upcoming month payroll?

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