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Backdating Nest contributions on Moneysoft

Moneysoft Payroll not picking it up

I have a new client who is slightly over the auto enrolment date.  They did the postponement correctly from what I can see but failed to set up a pension scheme after the 3 months were up.  I've registered them with Nest and set them up on Moneysoft, with a start date of early August.  I was expecting Moneysoft to pick up the earlier contributions when I did the first payroll but it hasn't.  On the employee details I have put early August as the start date and the date the auto enrolment letter was sent as early September.  It is just one weekly employee.

Is there something I'm missing or do I need to work out the payment manually and add them to the current week?  I've googled but can't find the info I need.


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14th Sep 2018 12:36

I had this once.

I just put double in the first week. Probably not the right way to go about it but no-one lost out.

EDIT - Sorry, I thought we were talking about entering the contributions onto the NEST website.

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By Matrix
14th Sep 2018 12:22

You will have to adjust manually in this week's pay since you can't retrospectively change the net pay. The employer may have to bear the employee contribution too.

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14th Sep 2018 13:59

That's one hell of an ask! i still have problems getting the dat from PM into NEST , have just setup a new company with a few employees so maybe i will crack it this time.

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