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BACS Bureau

BACS Bureau

I think I've researched this carefully; got the bank to sponsor us; selected the software; and I have (re-)drafted the IT policies, the specified documentation and all the rest that I think BACS will ask for; beefed up physical and IT security; and, I'm now waiting for the call from BACS/VOCA about the visit.

Has anyone else gone through this recently? If so, can you give me tips on the key things that VOCA will be looking for and any key points that I might have overlooked.

Should I be terrified by the visit, or are they helpful and constructive?

Thanks in advance....
IT Partner


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29th Jan 2009 12:41

Really nice people, they should send a pre visit questionaire which bullet points all the areas of review.

You sound like you've got everything covered, they really like a good disaster recovery plan by the way !

Its not a bad idea to gen up on the bacs jargon

Don't worry !, Ive had the initial and a third year compliance visit and they are really supportive (inspection first time round was expensive!)


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