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Bad Timing

Bad Timing

Yet again we are inundated towards the end of January with 2007/8 P35 forms for clients and 2008/9 notices of coding. I've raised this with HMRC in the past to no avail. Why can't they delay the issue to the beginning of Febraury? I'm sure if any of those people involved in making these decisions actually had to work in practice spending 7 days a week/10 hours+ per day during january trying to get Tax Returns in they'd have a little more common sense.

Anyway, back to it!!
Antony Pearce


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21st Jan 2008 12:48

No Problem
Not sure why this is a problem. Why do you not just leave them in a stack to be dealt with in February? How is that different from them sitting on a Revenue shelf waiting to go out?

Major delay would be in opening them the envelopes but I don't even bother since we know a notice of coding and a P35 without even opening them up.

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