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Hi All,

can you tell me if it's possible to have one bank feed going to two software providers, ie Xero & Sage? I find Xero cumbersome but we'll need to run both for a short period before switching one off. 

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By TidyCloud Accounting
11th Mar 2024 21:41

Never had any problems doing it with two different systems myself but it may depend on the bank.

Very surprised to hear you say you find Xero cumbersome compared to Sage. I find the Sage Cloud banking system awful and so time consuming.

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John Toon
By John Toon
12th Mar 2024 12:46

You can connect a feed to as many systems as you want. Plus echo the thoughts of the other responder, so can only assume poor training or user error...

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Replying to johnt27:
By jroberts2910
12th Mar 2024 19:39

I’m surprised that expressing an opinion results in questioning training and user error.

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By tracey2412
14th Mar 2024 11:19

I find Xero bank reconciliations confusing but Sage Cloud ones - if the bankfeed is posted often & accurately - I can do in a couple of clicks.
I am currently using a Sage Cloud licence as a 'dummy' training program to record how-to videos for clients & have successfully linked my own bank account to it as well as it already being linked to my own business Sage Cloud software licence without any issues.
So I wouldn't anticipate any issues doing it as you want to.

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