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Bank sort codes

Bank sort codes

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Is there a free list of bank sort codes online


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12th Mar 2009 23:26

On the Wikki
If you enter "sort codes" into IE then the first result is a very useful page on wikipedia. It may well meet your requirements. Here's the link:


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By SimonP
17th Jul 2008 10:09

Forget using Postcode Anywhere - it sucks BIG TIME!
The Postcode Anywhere is useless. I stuck a couple of known codes and account numbers in and it came back with erroneous addresses.

Good job I wasn't paying for it.

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11th Jun 2008 12:34

Or buy a copy
Several copies of the 2003 UK Clearing Directory are on offer here for about £10.

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11th Jun 2008 10:58

How good a customer are you?
Hi Billy

If you are a good customer of the bank they MAY let you have a copy of the 'UK Clearings Directory'. This is a book, the size of a thin 'phone book, in which are listed all the branch codes by bank, by code, and with all the 'other' non UK banks represented in the UK. Even if they let you have an out-of-date one most of the codes rarely change; the one we have is 2003 and has still never let us down.

Soryy, I forgot to mention that it includes the address and tel. No. of each branch.

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10th Jun 2008 18:45

I don't think so
The people who keep this database up to date like to charge for their services, but if you just want to find the bank name and branch address for a given sort code, you could try the free demo at PostcodeAnywhere

Also, there is a summary list of bank names (but no branch details) for each sort code on Wikipedia

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05th Aug 2009 16:26

Banks can be sketchy with their own data...
Hi folks, I don't like to hear anyone having any worries with the Postcode Anywhere service!

Let me try to set the record straight (I work there ;) )

The address data we return from our service is the exact data presented to us directly from BACS - we do not modify it. The banks themselves are responsible for providing BACS with the sort code and address data that’s kept in the database. (Pesky banks.)

The address stored in the data are those of where the BACS requests are processed. For some banks it is done by each individual branch, so the address stored in the data is the physical address of that particular branch. Other banks have a central location where all BACS requests are processed, and therefore provide a single point of contact address for every sort code, regardless of which physical branch this particular sort code relates to.

A good example of this is Barclays, who have their central contact centre in Leicester for all of their banks in the BACS data. The service is not meant as a lookup for physical addresses of bank branches.

Hope this clears it up - this is just how it has to be done :) .

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