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Bank statement dates

what special sort of moron runs statements to 25th

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No real question, just a rant. Why do banks produce business account statements to bizarre mid-month dates ? Do they not know by now that 90% of businesses (I know that stat is true because Boris said so) produce accounts to month ends ?

Is it really too much to ask that they print statements on that date so that the poor accountant/bookkeeper isn't faffing about with overlap printouts ?

It's been a long day.

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By jon_griffey
04th Apr 2018 18:03

It's presumably to spread the bank's workload over the month so they don't have to print all their customers statements on the same day.

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By Cloudcounter
04th Apr 2018 18:15

And with online banking it doesn't matter anyway.

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By Cheshire
04th Apr 2018 18:55

Historically was just linked to be one month after the date the account was opened. Easily remedied by just asking them to change the date.

I say easily but that of course is assuming you can get a client to ring them in the first place and then the Banks dealing with it correctly!

Or just do the uploads/donwloads/data feeds on the day you want them.

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