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Banking systems - medium sized company

Does anyone love the online system offered by their bank for a medium sized company?

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My client banks with HSBC and needs to move to HSBCNet in order to obtain the bulk payment functionality. They are prepared to move bank to obtain the best system, but it seems difficult to obtain comparison information - They have also looked at BarclaysNet. I suspect all the systems are all very similar, both in cost and functionality, but has anyone found any shortcomings or advantages of any?

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By SouthCoastAcc
02nd Aug 2019 12:10

I've used all of the major offerings, but at very large companies, as long as it integrates into your software it doesnt really make a difference IME.

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By nrw
02nd Aug 2019 13:00

We have experience with, NatWest Bankline and a bunch of neobanks. - the worst we have used. It doesn't work on the latest version of macOS - apparently 'it takes a while for their security team to catch up with Apple software releases' (ironic given that the most secure approach is always to run the latest versions of operating systems). It requires software to be installed on your laptop which is temperamental at best. It is complicated to use. It doesn't work on mobile - browser or app. It requires a laptop with a USB port to connect to the card reader - so you have to lug kit everywhere you go if you're a road warrior. Avoid at all costs.

NatWest Bankline - not beautiful, but highly functional. We really like it. Browser based - so works on any computer (including a mobile phone browser) with no software to install. Can use card reader (doesn't need to be connected to a laptop) or approve payments via iOS or Android app (avoiding need for card reader). Highly recommended.

Revolut - beautiful, simple to use, supports batch payments, highly functional... terrible support. A different proposition from the high street banks - for better and for worse.

Countingup and others - most are designed for smaller businesses rather than mid-sized businesses requiring functionality such as batch payments. Great solutions for their target audiences.

There are also solutions specifically for batch payments which operate alongside your existing bank, such as Telleroo.

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Replying to nrw:
By kiwilondon99
04th Aug 2019 12:52

nrw- very interesting

great topic OP. SME's are usually stuck by banking daily or transaction size limits with their Bank 'basic' online offer. so a mid payroll has to split over 2 days ! to keep with in criteria, with no batch facility [ ie meaning one payroll number instead of each persons net appearing on stmts]

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By MissAccounting
02nd Aug 2019 14:33

Love wine yes but love a bank? No. is alright to be fair, dont think there is much that another bank could offer that would improve the service particularly.

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