Banking systems - medium sized company

Does anyone love the online system offered by their bank for a medium sized company?

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My client banks with HSBC and needs to move to HSBCNet in order to obtain the bulk payment functionality. They are prepared to move bank to obtain the best system, but it seems difficult to obtain comparison information - They have also looked at BarclaysNet. I suspect all the systems are all very similar, both in cost and functionality, but has anyone found any shortcomings or advantages of any?

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By SouthCoastAcc
02nd Aug 2019 12:10

I've used all of the major offerings, but at very large companies, as long as it integrates into your software it doesnt really make a difference IME.

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By MissAccounting
02nd Aug 2019 14:33

Love wine yes but love a bank? No. is alright to be fair, dont think there is much that another bank could offer that would improve the service particularly.

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