Banks currently processing mortgage holidays

Anyone seen a list?

Didn't find your answer?

Several clients have tried to take a payment holiday on mortgages, but few have been succesful.

One client today told me Halifax are up to speed.

Had anyone seen a list of "banks actively able to offer payment holidays?"

It would be a useful resource to link to our covid-19 website.

Looks like we have a list starting, please add to the bottom, and I will edit.





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By In a Daze
24th Mar 2020 20:14

Our Mortgage has this as standard you can take a payment holiday twice within the lifetime of the agreement for a maximum of 3 months each time.

So it could be worth getting them to check with there lender. Our Mortgage is with Halifax.

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By SXGuy
24th Mar 2020 20:54

Natwest confirmed to me today that a 3 month holiday will be added to the end of the term and interest adjusted accordingly.

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By Carl London
24th Mar 2020 22:12

Nationwide and Virgin have agreed for a couple of my clients so far.

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
25th Mar 2020 10:32

thanks for the responses, I will run a list in the question and we can make our own.

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