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Barclays making life more difficult

Barclays will not accept a letter from me certifying the address of a company because I am QBE.

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Barclays have apparently introduced a rule for new customers "a couple of weeks ago" that only regulated accountants (read qualified) can certify registered and trading addresses in letters to them. Or they can obtain a letter from a solicitor - how much will this cost?

Together with many banks refusing to take on new business customers at all how are we supposed to trade out of the current economic situation?

I have been a practice accountant for more than 40 years but apparently are not trusted to write a letter!


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By SXGuy
30th Mar 2021 16:17

Have you tried another bank? I tried opening a business account with barclays 3 years ago, I'm still waiting for a call back to book the appointment (it never happened). Ended up going with santander who had it up and running within 2 weeks.

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By Open all hours
30th Mar 2021 16:26

Don’t take it personally. Barclays won’t be anything in 40 years time with behaviour like this. Having granted many dubious BBLs they are now being deliberately obstructive in bona fide cases. Latest is that for ‘data protection’ reasons they have declined to talk direct to us even when the client has given authorisation.

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By I'msorryIhaven'taclue
30th Mar 2021 16:35

As a possible workaround, and something I might sometimes include when certifying a company's details / address / articles and/or in support of a business plan try a Companies House search:

When you've searched on the company name you can then (under the "More" tab) order certified documents from the Registrar, and/or a certificate which includes the Registered Office Address. (Admittedly not the Trading Address, although if that's the same as the Registered Office then how much of a mental leap is that for Barclays to make?)

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By Mr_awol
30th Mar 2021 16:54

This is a tricky one. On the one hand, all Barclays need is confirmation from someone 'trustworthy' and an accountant is (usually) appropriate. As such, there is no reason why the OP shouldn't be just as capable as any of the rest of us in terms of signing this letter.

On the other hand, how do Barclays know that the OP really is "an accountant" other than by looking them up on a professional register? I appreciate they probably wont, but they could argue that this is why they seek a 'qualified' accountant. There is also a (n admittedly slightly weak) argument that those with professional qualifications mare have more to lose if they were to falsify the letter.

I wouldn't take it personally as judgement on your skills or competence - it is just one of the drawbacks of not having gained (or having relinquished) professional qualifications. I remember as a trainee being asked to sign a passport application and wasn't sure if i should - so phoned my professional body and was told that only members, not students, could countersign passport photos and applications. So, based on their advice at the time (which may or may not have been correct) you wouldn't have been able to sign passport applications either. HM Passport office have now, of course, greatly widened the eligible criteria, possibly because doctors etc were refusing to do it, so now you're all good.

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By Paul Crowley
30th Mar 2021 17:01

Maybe Barclays do not know how to search a company.
Maybe send them a link

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By paul.benny
30th Mar 2021 17:31

There is a UK Finance checklist for new business accounts linked from the Barclays business banking pages. This makes no reference to requiring any certifications from anybody. It seems to be the same checklist whether the business is moving from another bank or is a startup.

Registered office is a matter of public record and the checklist gives a number of possible routine documents for evidence of trading address.

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By Duggimon
31st Mar 2021 09:10

I know it was only after three years of ICAS training that I was able to correctly convey the address of a building.

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By sculptureofman
31st Mar 2021 11:29

Frustrating and slightly ridiculous, but it's one of the practical down-sides of not being qualified.

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