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a clients parents set up a bare trust for their 3 grandchildren. They have each now made a taxable gain on which tax is due. as I understand it as it is a bare trust no separate HMRC registration is needed but the individuals need to register.  The children are in their early to late teens and haven't yet had to grapple with the gov gateway. is there a simple way for them to register so they can declare and pay their tax?

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13th Jan 2022 11:21


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Red Leader
By Red Leader
13th Jan 2022 14:51

They could each just notify HMRC in a letter with the details of the gain, and wait for the response. Puts the ball in HMRC's court.

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By carnmores
13th Jan 2022 17:54

in both instances it is presumably ok for the trustee to sign on behalf of minors

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