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Basic Paye Tools - how many schemes allowed?

anyone know the max Basic Tools can use?

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I am embarrassed to say this - but I'm still using HMRC's Basic PAYE Tools. It suits me - as all schemes are for directors - no other employees and no Automated Pension etc.

And it all worked fine but I rang a HMRC Helpline for a query on another payroll matter and they said that there was a limit to the number of schemes that could use the software. I know its 9 staff per scheme but I wasnt aware of any other limit. HMRC person said '15 or 16' but wasnt sure.

Does anyone know?

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By lionofludesch
09th Jun 2017 16:14

Jeez - if you've got 15 or 16, just switch to Moneysoft if BPT doesn't work. £120+VAT a year, works out at less than a tenner a year for each client.

Your clients will never notice the increase in your fee.

I'm all for economies but some costs aren't worth the hassle of saving.

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By Counting numbers
12th Jun 2017 10:03

Agree, Basic Tools is a nightmare. Moneysoft and Brightpay get good reviews and are cheap to use. Save yourself the hassle.

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By Alex_T
12th Jun 2017 14:00

Don't be embarrassed, Basic Tools has it's place however, I wouldn't consider using it for multi-company payroll regardless of how small the company is. There seems to be little appetite in HMRC to fix issues that crop up from time to time and they are adamant Basic tools will never support auto enrolment. The writing is on the wall IMHO.
BrightPay and Moneysoft are excellent value for money and both provide very comprehensive payroll solutions. BrightPay offers a free 60-day trial, it might be worth considering? Best of luck!

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