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Baxendale-Walker's Remuneration Trust Spotlighted

Didn't find your answer?

But why has it taken so long?

Carlh has been flogging it here for years hasn't he (it's been all over the internet in fact for several years)?

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By slipknot08
13th May 2019 15:01

No idea - I reported it to AAG back in 2012, after finding out that a 3rd hand variant was being flogged to some of our clients... luckily all but 2 came and asked us first (there's always 2...)

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By mjshort
14th May 2019 10:09

Maybe there is not enough advertising by HMRC- has any client has heard of Spotlights?
I had a client recently fall for a "Advance against a potential future bonus" scheme (whereby monies paid Gross and only a small salary was taxed) provided by umbrella company Gateway Resources.

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By Justin Bryant
10th Sep 2021 12:21

I noticed this old thread was "trending" for some reason.

Perhaps it's something to do with the recent case below, much to HMRC's chagrin no doubt.

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