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Becoming non-resident - consultation needed

Considering leaving the UK, need advice on tax and legal position

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I'm currently a UK citizen, UK resident, with family also UK citizens + resident.

I contract via a UK Ltd which I own, for a US entity. I expect this arrangement to continue.

I also have UK PAYE income which may continue.

I have substantial unrealised capital gains.


We're considering relocating offshore and need professional advice on the legal and taxation aspects - far too much stuff for a forum post. I am happy to pay for professional advice.


How do I find good quality advice please?


If possible, I would like to find people experienced with Cyprus (both Republic/South and TRNC/North), Malta, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Isle of Man. Obviously the same person isn't going to know all of these jurisdictions well; what I'm really looking for here is advice on how to find good advice.


Thank you.


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By Matrix
01st Apr 2021 13:46

I would google or search on the sites below for international tax advisers and maybe they can put you in touch with offshore tax advisers. Having said that, I am listed on some of them with international tax as a specialism but don’t know advisers in your countries.

Discuss what you are trying to achieve first with your UK accountant to ensure there are no unexpected UK taxes and they may also be able to help with the questions to ask.

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By Justin Bryant
01st Apr 2021 16:35

Try: [email protected]
Phone: +65 6222 3209 | DDI: 1805 |
Sovereign Management Services Pte Ltd
3 Phillip Street #14-05
Royal Group Building
Singapore 048693. • Singapore

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By Overseas-LLC
09th May 2021 09:30

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By The Dullard
09th May 2021 13:13

Congratulations, you 've already managed to rule out two wholly inappropriate solutions.

Now, let's start with something more appropriate. Do you know any UK Cypriots (or Maltesers) who might have tax and legal advisers?

They might be better people to ask than the random numpties on here (sorry, not sorry, numpties).

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