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Being a Director and running UK company from abroad

Being a Director and running UK company from...

Client is currently living and working through his own limited company in the UK on a VISA.  

He is going back to Oz soon and will employ someone to carry on working through the company whilst he remains the Director and shareholder.  The Director's VISA will run out in 6 months time which is not a problem as he will not be in the UK.  However, as he is still officially running a UK company from abroad, does it matter he does not have a VISA or will that not have anything to do with being a company director and shareholder?



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27th Dec 2012 17:24



Can a director or shareholder of a UK company be a non-resident foreigner?

- Yes.

The only potential problem might be that Australia's controlled foreign company regime might consider the Australian resident director/shareholder to make the company subject to Australian corporation tax.

 Not my area of expertise, just something to consider...

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