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Being added as an agent through HMRC Online

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I have client who is registered for VAT and has an online login for HMRC for their VAT Account.

The client is based abroad and is registered for VAT due to distance selling. I have requested authorisation to act on their behalf but they never receive the authorisation code in the post as they are abroad therefore I cannot be authorised through my Agent services account.

They have now added me themselves as their agent through their online VAT account using my Agent Identifier number and it states that I can now access their Tax. However I do not know how I can access their tax/VAT account as it does not create a new User ID for me to login nor does it add the client into my client list on my Agent account.

Can anyone shed some light on how I access the VAT account to submit their returns if I am added as an agent by them through their own HMRC User login? Should I receive something in the post from HMRC allowing me to access? They can create me a new user but HMRC states not to add an accountant via this method; however without being able to do so through Agent account I see no other option?

Many thanks

Chris R

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By accountantccole
05th Dec 2018 12:47

Not had it for VAT but when my client added me for CT directly, it just appeared on my agent account

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By Duggimon
05th Dec 2018 12:57

We have an issue where some clients that are added to our agent account are on there but don't show up until we go to a separate screen and assign a user to them.

I don't know if all agent accounts are like this or if it's just ones with multiple users on one account.

Anyway, if this is the issue, you need to log in to your agent account, go to "Your account" on the left, click "manage who can access taxes and schemes" on the right, change tabs on the new page that loads to "clients" then, from the "Assigned to" drop down box pick "nobody" then click the filter button.

Any clients shown here are authorised but won't show on your agent login, assuming it works just like ours.

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Replying to Duggimon:
By ChrisRollo91
05th Dec 2018 14:50

Thank you - I have found the client who has added me via the steps you mentioned above however I am already showing as assigned to the client.

I believe the issue is, when I click onto the Taxes and Schemes tab, VAT is not on the list of taxes I can access (PAYE and CT etc are listed) therefore whilst I am assigned to the client I cannot access the VAT tax scheme.

I am registered as a VAT agent and I am enrolled to VAT services with a VAT Agent Ref No so I am unsure why this is not showing within this section.

It may be I have to take the plunge and call HMRC to figure out why it is not showing

Thank you for your response

Chris R

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Replying to Duggimon:
By Jenny2018
10th May 2019 09:13

Thank you for this comment. After hours on the phone to HRMC and overdue VAT returns, we still hadn't worked out why new clients were not appearing on our client list. It turned out that they needed to be assigned which I worked out from searching accounting web and reading your post. Your instructions were spot on, shame HMRC didn't have a clue how to help. Thank you so much. If anyone else has the same issue, try the above and then wait 24 hours (or at least until next working day).

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Accountants & Tax Advisors
By Gladstone
05th Dec 2018 13:46

Experiencing a similar issue where I completed the SA activation code for a new client and even after 3 days, client is not shown under my agent access area. Attempted to refresh tabs under 'Manage who can access' and none of the clients are assigned to 'nobody' so not sure why my new client is not showing up. Was on the phone to HMRC online desk for about 20 minutes and gave up without speaking. Looks like the recent upgrade may be partially responsible for this? Any thoughts??

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Replying to Gladstone:
By Duggimon
05th Dec 2018 14:21

Have you tried downloading the CSV of your full client list from that same page? You can then do a quick 'find' in Excel to check for the added clients. If you find them there but they don't show up on the actual list, then there's some jiggery pokery needed from you somewhere.

It could also, as you say, be a knock on from the issues earlier this week.

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By K81
05th Dec 2018 14:08

Gladstone - same issue, all clients added in last week are not showing yet, hoping they will in time!

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By bettybobbymeggie
05th Dec 2018 18:01

Yep me too.

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By Great1
06th Dec 2018 15:23

spoke to hmrc at around 12 today regarding same issue. newly registered vat client effective 01/10/18. need to submit 1 month vat return, filing deadline 07/12/18.

submitted authentication code this monday, assigned the client to our users in the 'new' normal way (cant do it through the old gateway). client still hasn't appeared on the list of vat clients.

but when i download a csv list of all clients, the client is included in the list.

hmrc said it's national issue since last week.

regarding the vat return, they said if it cannot be submitted tomorrow and any penalties arise, we can simply appeal them (!)

they also advised to log a query from the normal 'agent login' page, by filing in the form at the bottom of the page at the link named 'get help with this page'. i did this and they said they will get back to me in 2 working days

what fun....

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By bettybobbymeggie
10th Dec 2018 10:07

Is this getting a bit silly now? A week since SA authorisation code entered and client still not appearing in client lists. I have mucked around numerous times in the "Manage team access" area of my agent account without success.

Can I assume this is the same for all of us or have I been singled out for special treatment?

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