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Benefits in Kind - taxi to work for key employee

Benefits in Kind - taxi to work for key employee

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Client charity (the employer) was in middle of a major fund raising plan when the charity's manager broke his leg and was signed off driving for six weeks.  Employer would lose the funding if left until normal return date, so paid for taxis to get the Manager to and from work for a couple of weeks.  There is no public transport that could have been used.

On face value that looks like employer paying for home to work travel, so BIK, but are there any concessions for 'damaged' employees urgently needed?  Seems a bit harsh on the employee to have a BIK tax charge for being dragged in like that!

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By gbuckell
31st May 2013 13:37

Employer pays tax

I agree it is harsh but them's the rules (but isn't tax supposed to be moral?)!

Best option is for the employer to pay the tax on behalf of the employee.

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By Steve Kesby
31st May 2013 13:47


There is an exemption for an employer providing home to work travel for a disabled employee, but disabled requires there to be a "substantial and long-term" impairment.

In these circumstances, it's probably as well to contact HMRC and try and agree a PSA, I'd have thought.

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