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Best Accounting Software for Car Sales

What is the best car sales accounting system for online car sales?

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What is the best used car sales accounting system for online car sales? I am looking for a system which can factor in and try and automate the stockbook, part exchanges and VAT on margin.

The accounting system we currently use is not made for this industry and therefore would like to find the best accounting system for used car sales.

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By paul.benny
26th Feb 2020 11:31

Perhaps the place to start is by finding a stock control system designed for the motor trade?

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By johnt27
26th Feb 2020 11:56

Hard to make a recommendation when you don't say what your current accounting system is and whether or not you'd ditch it for something else/better

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By Joe-M
27th Feb 2020 10:43

Have a look at Vehicle Trader (BBSol). It integrates with sage and quickbooks. Really helpful if you require any assistance in set up or linking into Sage/Quickbooks and I am sure they would assist with links to other software. Very reasonably priced. We insist our car trade clients use it. Vat inspection last week re client. No problems whatsoever. Creates sales invoices etc

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