Best bookkeeping, payments & bank app combo

Integrating card payments with bookkeeping

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A small sole-trader client looking for a bookkeeping app and integrated card payment processing (currently uses and loves Square app).

They raise repeating invoices (with auto late payment reminders set) from Square app which their customers pay via card reader or online card payments.

I don’t think Square works with my usual recommend of Pandle and the overall package is too expensive once you pay for a link to Xero (my other usual recommendation).

Any recommended combos? Taking account of ease of use, overall cost and MTD in the future?

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By Seneca
04th May 2022 19:23

Have a look at Freeagent (would serve for bookkeeping and MTD compliance) which could be free opening Natwest Gruop bank account and their integrations for payments. Square is not there but Goodtill or Stripe would do similar functions I imagine.

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By DKB-Sheffield
04th May 2022 20:06

There are a few apps that can connect to Square to QBO... PayTraQer etc. However, I've not tried it for one main reason...

The problem I have with all such apps and integrations is that generally, the information you get 'dumped' into QBO (etc.) are for the daily totals. Great for 'true' retail who only take card payments. A nightmare for all others - definitely a potential for a reconciliation disaster!

For sales... I prefer to get the Square sales transactions report (in CSV) format and upload it from there (with digital links and Macros of course). The other option (if client has fewer transactions) would be to have all PDF invoices sent to Autoentry or Dext (using a bcc email field).

For fees (assuming your client is on net payments)... I do the same (CSV and import).

For banking... I upload the Square transactions (CSV) as a 'manual bank feed'.

The above would generally work for all software. The trick is making sure the process is MTD-Compliant!

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By clark.hall
05th May 2022 10:30

Thanks. This is surprisingly difficult. I'm currently favouring pushing client towards using a bookkeeping app and switching to direct debits as their preferred method of payment collection (eg Xero + GoCardless).

If sticking to card payments - then Pandle + Stripe looks ok but seems to be without a card reader and relies on the customer to click the invoice's "Pay Now" button.

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