Best CPD providers for sole practitioner

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I'm beigging my venture ino the world of a sole practitioner and was wondering if I could get some advice on CPD providers. I'm ACCA qualified and looking for a provider that can offer a wide range of courses online and provide value for money. Any suggestions and experiences would be appreciated. Thanks 

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By Wanderer
04th Mar 2024 15:19

Instant CPD

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04th Mar 2024 16:29

What does ACCA offer as part of your membership? I would probably start there.

I have found the ICAEW have massively improved their online offering in recent years (much of it at no extra cost to your annual subs) meaning that 75% of my structured CPD is covered by my institute.

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By tltodman
04th Mar 2024 20:53

Non ICAEW members can also access ICAEW CPD to for a small fee.
I signed up for a 45 min zoom session today -it was free (as I'm a member) but I noticed it was only £15 for non-members which seemed very reasonable to me

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By Dougscott
04th Mar 2024 21:09

i-Croner provides courses - one free every month even with a no cost account.

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By WinterDragon
05th Mar 2024 00:54

They're also owned by the Done brothers who are some of the most immoral people to inhabit this planet.

And I've just outed myself as a guardian reader and socialist rabble-rouser

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By Carl London
05th Mar 2024 22:38

TaxTV is great.
Also try Lifecycle network, free to join and free tax / accounting updates are provided (the tax ones are much better than the accounting ones)

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By [email protected]
07th Mar 2024 10:01

Thank you for mentioning TAXtv.
If anyone else would like to know more about it, here is a link to PTP’s on demand CPD products -
PTP also offer affordable CPD in various formats check out

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