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windows livemail has gone

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I know I'm a couple of years late but I've been hanging on to Windows Livemail. It suited me with 3 email accounts.

But its now time to go to another provider (preferably free)

I've looked at Thunderbird and the one that many computer mags suggest - eMclient and tried both. But when I try to import my emails and contacts the folders dont import and I have a folder for each client, separate ones for newletters etc - must be over 150 at least.

So I am looking for other email accounts - which do other members use? or shall I  bite the bullet and go for  an integrated practice management system?

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By puzzel
08th Feb 2017 10:25

Don't tell me, you have
Had a similar problem a few months ago and changed to Postbox for the e-mail interface.

Seems to work well and did import all of my sub e-mail folders.

You can add multiple e-mail accounts, and interchange from what e-mail address you wish to send from.

My problem now is that my new e-mail extension is .accountants and a lot of my clients say it just goes to their junk box. Tried to explain what action to take, but it is like talking to a brick wall.

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By philrob
08th Feb 2017 15:55

Several Issues here I suspect.

Make sure that you are using IMAP protocol with your current email providers. IMAP keeps the data on the email server (including the folder structure) - older email systems used POP. in POP the email is deleted from the server once you have downloaded it onto your computer - so the folder structure only exists on your computer (I hope you have backups!!!)

It it was POP then you will need to google search on 'migrate from POP to IMAP' for some guidance on the best way to get what you need.

You may be able to change the server from a POP server to an IMAP server and then synchronise with the server to move everything back up to the server ready for when you change email clients.

In terms of email providers operates a freemium service. The free bit is fully featured, allows proper use of your own domain and 5 separate email accounts on that domain (plus aliases). IMAP with 5 GB of storage, anti-spam, works with every email client, has webmail interface and apps for iphone, ipad etc. Paid for services cut in when you need more space, more email addresses or more than one domain.

If you are looking at client software for your PC then pretty much anything will work and preserve folders ONCE you have IMAP enabled.

Office 365 does a pretty good job for the cost - outlook would allow you to access several accounts from one client.

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By Harrison88
09th Feb 2017 08:51

Google Domains all of the way. It costs though.

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